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Book about my travels in Madagascar

Madagascar Unknown

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“What a great read. Didn’t want to put it down, couldn’t wait for the next chapter. “Sharon

“I found this book captivating and felt like I was there, it has inspired me to take a risk once in a while and to book a holiday.”Lisa

“I couldnt put it down! An amazing read!”Jackie

Travel writing by Irish travel author, Charlie Barrett.

My name is Charlie Barrett and my travel journey started in Germany in 1999 where curiosity and a love of adventure too hold. Since then the road has taken me to Australia, Asia, South and Central America, USA, Europe and Africa. Travel in Africa has appealed to me more and more over the years and I have been lucky enough to see some of the countries this magnificent continent has to offer, the highlights including peering into the bubbling lava of Nyiragongo volcano in Democratic Republic of Congo and watching lightening strike the ground for hours just metres from my cabin on the way to the top of mount Mulanje in south-eastern Malawi. After over 20 years of travel on 6 continents I have decided to do some writing about it all. Hope you find it interesting.

travel books by Irish travel author, Charlie Barrett