Richard Hayes- Librarian and Nazi Code Breaker

Librarian by day, Nazi code breaker by night, this is not a comic book fantasy [...]

Margaret Kearney Taylor–The Woman whose Tearoom Saved Countless Lives

Margaret Kearney Taylor helped thousands of Allied servicemen and Jewish refugees flee the Nazi regime [...]

Michael Gomez–The Irish Mexican

Born on the side of a road in County Longford and raised in care homes [...]

The Priest who Ruined an Olympic Marathon

I could have changed the name of this page to The Good, The Mad and [...]

Dervla Murphy-A pioneer on two wheels

A true independent traveller who once cycled from Ireland to India with little more than [...]

Robert Hilliard-Pugilist, Pastor and Anti-fascist

Born in 1904 in the townland of Moyeightragh near Killarney County Kerry, Robert Hilliard was [...]

Eoin O’Duffy–Sailing Beneath the Swastika to Spain

O’Duffys legacy is defined by being the leading figure in the fascist movement in Ireland [...]