Komodo Dragons

komodo dragon

If you want a glimpse into the prehistoric world then look no further than the Komodo dragon. Since watching a documentary by David Attenborough on them they have always fascinated me. Long flat heads with eyes set wide apart to give them panoramic vision, this largest living species of lizard and can grow up to […]

Hanging out at The Cross

kings cross sydney

The iconic area of Kings Cross in Sydney’s east inner city has long since been known as having some of the most exciting and varied nightlife of anywhere in Australia. The introduction of the Sydney lockout laws designed to curb alcohol fuelled violence in the city has sanitised the area somewhat but my experience there […]

A Very Italian Festival


The Italians combine culture and Machiavellian tactics better than any other people I have ever encountered. Nowhere is this more evident than in the town of Siena. Situated 80km south of Florence in rolling Tuscan countryside this UNESCO listed heritage site of just over 50,000 people is a popular tourist destination. As well as the […]